Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Softball Season Stats

For the three of you that actually read this blog, here are my stats from my recently completed season of softball for the company I work for. Due to occasional injury/lack of desire, I only played in about half of the games. Here are the stats, including some sabermetrics:

G 6
AB 16
H 9
AVG .563
R 5
2B 2
3B 0
HR 0
K 0
BB 0
OBP .563
SLG .688
OPS 1.250
ISO .125
GB 44%
LD 44%
FB 12%

As you can see, I'm a line drive/ground ball hitter, hence the lack of triples and homeruns and lower isolated power (ISO). I'm most pleased with the overall high average and high line drive percentage. I was most disappointed with the lack of RBI's. In fairness, however, I was on base a lot, and scored runs as a result, but typically batted leadoff or second in an inning, so I didn't have many RBI chances (only two if I recall correctly).

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