Monday, September 19, 2011

College Football Rankings: Week 4

Dropped Out: Ohio St. (terrible) (13), Tennessee (18), Auburn (19), Mississippi St. (20), Michigan St. (23), Arizona (24)

I feel confident with those first six teams, but after that, it's very difficult to place 7 through about 15.

Sorry Clemson, but no, you don't get a ranking yet. But you will if you beat Florida State this weekend. Speaking of the Seminoles, I'm not as sold on Oklahoma's defense as I am on the fact that Florida State doesn't have much of an offense (and specifically, an offensive line). I think that as the season progresses, this win will not look as good for Oklahoma as it does now.

BYU: 7 turnovers? I have no words. I haven't been this disappointed in my alma mater in a long time. Brandon Doman, you need to get this offense going. We have a huge OL, use it to our advantage. We better not look that crappy against UCF this Friday.

Monday, September 12, 2011

College Football Rankings: Week 3

Dropped Out: Utah (20), BYU (21), No. Illinois (24), Nevada (25)

The only notable change in the top 15: Ohio State drops four spots for shamefully staying close with Toledo at home.

The old adage of "if a head coach listens to the fans too much, he'll one day end up among them" didn't seem to apply in Texas. Midway through the second quarter with BYU already winning 13-0, Texas fans were calling for the benching of QB/Armpunter Garrett Gilbert. Mack Brown listened, and Texas came back to win 17-16. Does anyone even doubt had Gilbert stayed in that game that BYU wouldn't have won? I wish Texas hadn't figured this out until next week, but I'm proud of BYU keeping this game close in a hostile environment. Through the first two weeks, BYU has looked better than Utah on both sides of the ball, and I expect them to win against their rivals this weekend in the Holy War.

Even though the game kept going back and fourth, I never really had much faith that Georgia could beat South Carolina. In my recently completed first dynasty season in NCAA Football 2012, South Cackalacky went 13-0 and lost to Oklahoma in the BCS National Championship Game, for whatever that's worth.

I'm happy that Vegas lost TWICE in the Utah-USC game.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

College Football Rankings - Week 2

Rk Team Rec Pvs

1 LSU 1-0 1
2 Boise St. 1-0 3
3 Oklahoma 1-0 7
4 Alabama 1-0 4
5 Stanford 1-0 2
6 Wisconsin 1-0 9
7 Florida St. 1-0 6
8 VA Tech 1-0 13
9 Ohio St. 1-0 11
10 Arkansas 1-0 10
11 Oklahoma St. 1-0 12
12 Nebraska 1-0 14
13 Florida 1-0 15
14 Oregon 0-1 8
15 Miss. St. 1-0 17
16 Texas A&M 1-0 20
17 Arizona 1-0 19
18 W. Virginia 1-0 21
19 S. Carolina 1-0 18
20 Utah 1-0 16
21 BYU 1-0 22
22 Baylor 1-0 --
23 TCU 0-1 5
24 No. Illinois 1-0 25
25 Nevada 0-0 24

I watched quite a few of the games this weekend. Here are a few thoughts:

BYU deserved to win that game and fortunately Mississippi's lack of discipline and coaching came through in the end. The Cougars' red zone problems worry me, especially against such a crappy team as Ole Miss. An upset over Texas this weekend would be surprising. It doesn't really matter how bad Gilbert or whoever their quarterback is, BYU has a lot of problems on offense to work through. Texas is currently a 7 point favorite and that feels about right.

Baylor and RG3 are probably better than I'm giving them credit for, but TCU's defense was shockingly bad. I will not be surprised at all if Air Force beats them this weekend. Vegas apparently thinks the same thing as they are only 2 point favorites (TCU) as of this post.

Undoubtedly the worst uniforms this weekend were worn by Georgia, and they played as if looking like Power Rangers had deflated their egos. That said, Boise State is legit. Only a road game at San Diego State stands in the way as a possible upset. Otherwise, I think they get through their schedule undefeated. Whether the voters reward them with a BCSCG appearance is another matter.

Monday, July 25, 2011

The Blog is kind of back: 2011 College Football Preseason Top 25

After nearly three years, during which I met someone, got married, bought a house, and had a child, I have finally sufficiently caught up with life that I can sort of maintain a blog again. Undoubtedly the updates will not be as frequent as they were in the past, which is to say, erratic. But from time to time I enjoy writing about certain things, on which I have commented on this blog before, namely:

New Taco Bell Menu Items

So with this new update, I present my preseason top 25 for this year's college football season. Normally I don't like preseason rankings but I am as Antonio Banderas would say Desperado for football to start, so desperado in fact that I was recently caught watching SEC Media Days on ESPNU. And it wasn't even live. So with no further Adu, I present my Top 25 as of today, with previous year's record.

1. LSU 11-2
2. Stanford 12-1
3. Boise St. 12-1
4. Alabama 10-3
5. TCU 13-0
6. Florida St. 10-4
7. Oklahoma 12-2
8. Oregon 12-1
9. Wisconsin 11-2
10. Arkansas 10-3
11. Ohio St. 12-1
12. Oklahoma St. 11-2
13. Virginia Tech 11-3
14. Nebraska 10-4
15. Florida 8-5
16. Utah 10-3
17. Mississippi St. 9-4
18. South Carolina 9-5
19. Arizona 7-6
20. Texas A&M 9-4
21. West Virginia 9-4
22. BYU 7-6
23. Missouri 10-3
24. Nevada 13-1
25. Northern Illinois 11-3

Surprise picks: I think most would call Florida State at #6 a surprise, perhaps crazy. I think they have the talent, and they are adjusting well to new coach Jimbo Fisher. This is still Florida State, they still get great recruiting classes every year. I'm not predicting a National Title, but I wouldn't be surprised if it did happen.

Notable absences: Auburn (14-0, will struggle without college football's best athlete on the payroll field); Michigan State (11-2, proven to be fully a tiger of the paper variety after this debacle); Central Florida (10-3, coached by a waste of flesh rivaled only by a criminal).